I’m a PhD student at the Machine Learning Group within the Cambridge University Engineering Department, developing scalable and data-efficient machine learning algorithms. I am interested in problems at the interface of ML, statistical physics and applied mathematics, especially where theoretical results have proved elusive, applications are high-impact, or both. I’m supervised by Dr Adrian Weller and collaborate closely with Prof. Krzysztof Choromanski (Columbia University and Google Brain). I'm funded by a Trinity External Research Studentship and hold an IQ Capital Deeptech Fellowship.

I obtained my MPhys at Hertford College, Oxford, where I submitted my dissertation on entanglement barriers in dual-unitary quantum circuits, supervised by Dr. Bruno Bertini and Prof Fabian Essler. I’ve also worked on simplicity bias in deep neural networks with Prof Ard Louis at the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, Oxford, and Bose-Einstein condensation in active matter with Dr. Benoît Mahault and Prof Ramin Golestanian at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self Organisation, Göttingen.

I’m also interested in startups, deeptech and VC. I spent a year working at this early-stage company, helping develop disruptive laser processing technology inside diamonds with adaptive optics.